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Photo by Steven Cane

Home of 921 launches!!!!


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Rocket Videos
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Rocket Photos
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Rocket Camera

In Rocket Video
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Rocket Summary
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Saturn V Construction

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See a G64 engine assembled and fired
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Aerotech ARCAS Construction
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LOC Forte construction
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Engine Usage - Year to Date
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Rocket Catalog Collection
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Rocket Links

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My Flight Logs and a downloadable flight log sheet you can use
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PML Black Brant X Construction
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X10 Rocket Camera
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LOC Magnum
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Engines I Fly
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My rockets by Vendor

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Rocket Engine Matrix

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Honest John Construction

LDRS 23 Videos



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Rocket Tips

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Sick Bay

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Visit My Homepage

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The METRA club had a launch day at its Wawayanda, NY field. This picture in a nutshell emphasizes what a great family hobby it is. It includes all ages, creeds and nationalities. Rocketry is not only fun and educational but it is very safe as well. Click for larger image.


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Happiness is having a good supply of engines for the upcoming flying season. Shown here are E, F, G, H and I RMS reloads from Aerotech.



My Fleet - 2013  


I am a BAR...I started flying rockets in 1969, building the Alpha from Estes. Other rockets quickly followed and my rocket hobby really took off. Please remember that back in 1969 you couldn't go to to your local store to buy rockets. All supplies, engines and rockets had to be mail ordered. And that by check or money order because no teenagers back then had a credit card! Needless to say, I spent alot of time in front of my mailbox waiting for those tubes of engine or boxes of rockets to arrive. The Rocket Boys, me and my friends, would shoot them off at our local highschool. Many were lost due to drift, trees and landing on roofs of buildings (like the highschool). Still some survive today. After highschool, I went to college where I flew a few and when I got a job out of town, I stopped flying them altogether and my rocket hobby was left up in the air.

Now I have kids who like seeing rockets take off so I have started to fly them again "for them" and to build some new "daddy" rockets for me! So I am called a Born Again Rocketeer or BAR.

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fleet801.jpg (25721 bytes) OK, so I got bored at times and deviated from kits and built my own from scratch. The rocket above was made from 2 oat meal boxes. I made another one from a one quart milk container but unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.

When I started, A, B and C engines were sold by Estes. Within a couple of years, the D engine was released. Now most of the letters of the alphabet are used to classify engines. Currently I am certified to fly with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K engines.

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My bad luck with cell phones...



Engine Sizes I Fly

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Like any other habit, the more you get into it, the more expensive it becomes! At the bottom of the first photo is an A8-3 engine. Many kids have flown this engine in class built rockets. It has 2.5 NS of power and can cost as little as 75 cents. Above it is a D12-3 engine which has 20 NS of power and is usually the biggest engine used by causal flyers.

Above that is an F20-7; "F" series engines have up to 80 NS of power. Above that is a 29 mm RMS reload casing which holds up to a "G" engine which can produce up to 160 NS. "G" engines are the largest a consumer can buy without being certified by a national rocket organization. At the top is a 38 mm casing. 38 mm engines (H, I and J) can produce more than 1000 NS of power, over 400 times the power of the A8-3!!  A J350 engine cost about $44.

The bottom picture shows more reloadable engine casings one uses to fly reloadable motors. The top casing is a 38/720. Meaning it is 38 mm in diameter and can handle an engine in the "J" range. Casings are very expensive considering they are just finished aluminum.

To see an actual motor being assembled and fired, click here!!

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Happiness is being able to buy Estes' Blast Off Pack of engines at Michael's at 40% off!




Aerotech Arreaux
Astrobee D
Barracuda II
HV Arcas
HV Arcas 2
ASP Wac Corporal
  Wac Corporal (2.6")
Centauri Tauras
Cosmodrome Nike Smoke
Nike Apache
Estes Alpha
Alpha II
Alpha III
Aerobee 300
  Arcas 2
Astro Apogee II
Big Bertha
Big Bertha II
Big Bertha III
Big Daddy
Black Brant II
Cherokee D
Cherokee D II
Cherokee D III
Cobra 1500
Cobra 1500 II
Cobra 1500 III
Fat Boy
Heat Seeker
Honest John
Mach II
Maxi Honest John
Mercury Redstone
Mercury Redstone 2
Nike Ajax
Nike X
Orbital Transport
Orbital Transport 2
Saturn V
Saturn V Semiscale
Scrambler II
Sky Writer
Wac Corporal
LOC Forte
North Coast Rocketry Eliminator
Lance Beta
SA Archer
Public Enemy Extreme Performer
Black Brant X
SEMROC Aerobee 300
The Launch Pad Alarm
  Martin Pescador
Nike Ajax
Thrustline Aerobee 300
Honest John
Custom Design Mark V
Milk Bottle
Oat Meal Box



Missing in action
Have you seen any of these missing rockets? If so, please contact me ASAP!


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